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Allied Wellness Center

Allied Wellness is a joint venture by two family owned & operated business partners. Located in the Heart of Metro Detroit Area, our healthy start up began with plans on expanding our brand and becoming one of the top leaders in the industry. Planting our foundation in the Great City of Warren, we plan on opening a Medical Provisioning Center were patients will be able to get educated and receive free consultation and purchase from a wide range of Cannabis products to suit their conditions. Our Plans include a state of the art Cultivation Facility. Our Warren location will create about twenty full time positions within the Provisioning and Growing Facility.

Allied Wellness will be operated with the best customer service a business can offer, with a well-trained and educated staff that understands what every product is. Allied Wellness will be the perfect location that patients will be able to find for their medical needs. Provisioning Centers are known to rush through sales, however, our customer support team will work with patients on a one on one basis to find and help a patient with their exact issues and how to overcome those issues. Our main objective is the well-being of our customers.

Allied Wellness Center in Warren Michigan Building Rendering of Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center
Eddie Elfakir (left) and Mike Bazzi (right) of Allied Wellness Center – Warren, Michigan’s Premier Medical Marihuana and Cannabis Provisioning Dispensary

Our Mission

At Allied Wellness, our mission is to provide MMMP patients with a safe, secure location to obtain high quality CBD products at fair prices from a compassionate, professional and knowledgeable staff. We believe in the healing powers of CBD products, and plan on being the leading Marihuana Provisioning and Cultivation Center in the State of Michigan.